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    photo of crowd listening to Brown, Collier


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    • Inspire, translate and amplify gender scholarship

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    Cottom (seated at left), whose 2019 book "Thick: And Other Essays" was a finalist for the National Book Award, in February met with a group of Stanford graduate students, fellows and researchers to discuss her work in sociology and life in the academy



    In this new podcast from the Clayman Institute, Hosts Adrian Daub and Laura Goode welcome a range of feminists from academia, journalism, activism and more.
    black and white photo of women with gas masks


    We reached out to our colleagues in gender research to ask for their expertise and insights. We hope this collected writing is a source of insight for those looking at current events through a gender lens.


    We understand that articulating any feminist position without taking into account commitments to anti-racist policies and action will create a hollow and ultimately meaningless caricature of feminism.





    research projects supported

    45 Years of Gender Research

    photo of Donegan, Daub, Dionne outside Attneave House

    Clayman Conversations: Whisper Networks

    In the first Clayman Conversations event, journalists Moira Donegan and Evette Dionne examine the impact of social media and digital technology on sharing information about sexual violence.
    photo of Crenshaw

    Breaking the Culture of Sexual Assault

    In a two-year symposium, the Institute launched a series of talks and discussions to address multiple facets of sexual violence in order to create best practices and novel solutions. Featuring events with Kimberlé Crenshaw (pictured) and Zerlina Maxwell.

    Gender Equality Today

    In this May 2019 symposium, panelists take on gender equality today, what progress has been made in the last two decades, and what barriers prevent additional change. Featuring Erin Cech, Shelley Correll, David Pedulla and Adina Sterling (pictured).

    Media Mentions



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    Mar 2 2020

    Dr. Erin Cech: 40 Under 40 LGBTQ+ Leaders

    Former Clayman Institute Postdoctoral Fellow
    Jan 4 2020

    Making Them Sick: Article about dependent health care at Stanford

    Graduate Dissertation Fellow
    Dec 16 2019

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